A few new treasures.

Before everything went haywire last week, I was working on adding pages featuring Carriage House Samplings design to my site, I’ve add a few to my personal stash as well.  I decided silks were a must for Be My Love, I plan to stitch this on 40ct Light Espresso from R&R (it is hard to see in the photo).  I also would like to stitch the 1797 Ship Sampler for the boys/guest bathroom, I don’t have anything stitched in that room at all. 

I’ve been selling lots of the new BBD book With Needle and Thread – I finally picked up one for myself!  Such a sweet book!


9 thoughts on “A few new treasures.

  1. Oh, fine .. now you’re tempting me with the silks!! 😉

    I’m still droooling over the Austen … *sigh* You are soooo wicked! *lol*

    I want to know how you do all you do, Mary Kathryn. We all love your blog & the serenity we find here. How do you stitch & care for your family, home school, study for your own classwork, cook & bake as you do …

  2. ooo please save one of the BD books for me! I almost asked for it in my last email but need to wait a couple more weeks. 🙂

    Your CHS charts are fabulous … it will be a nice treat to stitch “Be My Love” with the silks. Glad that you are saving some things from the store for yourself!

  3. Oh- I hadn’t seen that ship chart before.. it’s very nice! And it is a bit on the manly side, I think. Great for a boy’s bathroom.

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