SB Birthday gift for Elanor

Elanor has let me know that she has received the birthday package I sent to her last week.  I’m glad that she enjoyed what I sent.  She loves squirrels and fall things and the LHN design was on her wish list.  I hope she can find the right project for this linen and enjoys this skein of silk from Crescent Colours!

Happy Birthday Elanor.


13 thoughts on “SB Birthday gift for Elanor

  1. Cute scissor fob! And the needlecase … I know you made that yourself. Ok … maybe today I’ll make the time to try one myself. I want to get 3 fobs made for friends within the next week – the needlecase would be a nice addition to the gifts. You enabler, you! ;o)

  2. Your squirrel is the cutest little thing. I have to get that BBD, With And Thread, its on my list. I love the Fine Collection also, and am ready to start the February Hearts. You do awesome work. look foward to more. Ranae

  3. What a cute set! I love the extra little acorn button. I’m into details. I like how everything is all in browns and nicely coordinated. Brings it all together. Nice gifts!!

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