Sock & Soup

Just a quick post before Rocky Mountain Wednesdays (those of you who get light headed at the sight of split pea soup can thank me later).

I’ve finished sock number one. Amber, my lovely assistant is modeling it for me and doesn’t it match her pjs nicely? She didn’t quite put it on right I see. The cuff does lay nicely and not like it appears in this photo. I whipped up a batch of split pea soup with our left over Easter Ham. It is very yummy!! I don’t think it will last very long.

I didn’t mention it before but Jerry and Tyler spent last week in Mexico on a missions trip. They are both home safe and mostly sound – Tyler has a stuffy head. Tyler also had his sparring test tonight for his Tae Kwon Do black belt. 10 rounds of being thrashed by the instructors and their black belt friends basically. He did very well, he is testing as an adult.

(Tyler after sparring 10 rounds – a joke he was too tired to laugh at, but Jerry and Amber enjoyed.)

See you tomorrow!


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