Birds, bees, and other things.

There are 3 baby robins in the nest. They are noisy demanding little things, their poor mama flies in and out of the nest from early morning til late at night bringing back food, did I say they were noisy? The nest is about 2ft away from a large window by my sewing table.

I’ve used a bit of the hand-dyed wool from Weeks Dye Works for the bottom of this pincushion. This was a fun quick little project using some fabric I’ve had for ages. I think I’ll make a few more and put them in my etsy shop.

I have 7 rose bushes in my back yard and they are all looking like they will have many blooms soon. This is the first rose of 2007 in my garden and I think it is a pretty one!

Well, here are my pillows for Crescent Colours. I did NOT stitch the designs, just made the pillows. You can see the tag I made for the pillows using Sharon’s logo. Speaking of thread packs (the designs on the pillows are Crescent Colours/Little House Needleworks fruit thread packs) I was clicking from blog to blog the other day and came upon a blog that had photos of some of the packs stitched over one, it may have been a French blog. I have spent lots of time trying to find this blog again, if you know which one I mean, please let me know.

I’ve been stitching lots of projects from this book (the first one). I’ll share my finishes in a few days with you.


14 thoughts on “Birds, bees, and other things.

  1. Your pillows for Sharon look wonderful Mary Kathryn – they would definitely tempt me into buying the thread packs if I didn’t already have them!

    I love the little pincushion, it’s so cute. I thought the little bee fabric looked familiar – I have a good bit of this myself I bought for making little pillows etc. but still haven’t got round to using it yet! I’m sure these would go really well in your etsy shop. Is there any chance you’ll be adding instructions on how to make these to your finishing school? I would love to have a try at one! :o)

  2. Those pillows look smashing! 🙂 Cute little pin cushion, too. And sweet pictures of your birdies and roses!

    I am in love with the With Needle and Thread book and can’t wait to make some of those designs myself.

  3. Those babies are precious! Your pincushion is wonderful and I was surprised to read you had made it yourself. Great job!! And very lovely job finishing the pillows too.

  4. Oh I love your pic of the baby robins. They are my favourite bird but they seem to be scarce, which is a real shame.

    Your cushions are gorgeous and so is the little pincushion.

  5. The pincushion is adorable. I’ve seen other’s have asked…. but is there is a pattern for this?

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