Book Party

I’ve been stitching away at designs from this book.  I meant to post Friday night but I just had to stitch one more, and then yesterday I had to stitch one more again . . . I started yet one more today but decided enough is enough!  I have some exchanges and gifts I need to get done.

Stitched with Carrie’s Threads on 30ct R&R scrap.

DMC on 18ct black aida, not sure if I’ll do the antiquing step given in the book.  I think I like how this looks.

Both stitched with 1 strand Carrie’s Threads on 40ct fabric over 2.

Stitched with 1 strand of Seaweed from Carrie’s Threads over 2 on 40 R&R scrap.

stitched with 2 strands of Cocoa Carrie’s Threads over 2 on 30ct R&R scrap.

I was thankfully excused for this week from jury duty, but have to check in every Friday for the next 4 weeks to see if I am needed the following week.  I start my 2nd to last class on Wednesday – the end is in sight!


17 thoughts on “Book Party

  1. So lovely.
    I like them : good choices of fabrics and threads. What a fabulous book !

    Shall we see what they became ? oh Please say yes..

    Friendly yours

  2. You stitched all this in one weekend? MY HEAVENS!!!!
    I stitched the Victorian Pins and Needle piece for an exchange, I didn’t antique it either but I did add some seed beads around it.
    Everything is beautiful!!!

  3. All gorgeous Mary Kathryn!! I can’t believe you stitched all that in one weekend! Way to go!! Your thread choices are stunning! Love them all!!!

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy! Well done on all of these – they are gorgeous! Great threads (of course, you can’t go wrong with Carrie’s, huh?)!

  5. They’re all gorgeous! I’ve just started My Quaker House from the same book and I want to stitch Friendship’s Sheltering Vine also – there’s some beautiful designs in this book.

  6. Oh such lovely finishes, Mary Kathryn. I will tell you a little secret, I had planned to stitch the pincushion in your second picture for you, but when you wrote that you had been stitching from this book I decided to wait and see if you were making this for yourself. So do tell, is this for give away or for thee?

  7. Dear Mary Kathryn. I discover your blog with real pleasure: so many beautiful things and this the book you’re presenting in this article looks so interesting I ordered it, just now.
    Thank you for sharing all these beauties. Hello from Belgium.

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