Thank you for all your wonderful comments about the Blackbird Stitching.  I mostly plan pincushion type finishes especially after being inspired by the latest issue of TGOSM.  I’m thinking of doing the pincushions in this issue in these silks from Dinky Dyes.  I’ve sent out all of my stock of the colors called for in the designs and ordered more or I would show you those too – they are all wonderful.

The details about the magazine can be linked to from here.

 I’ve also been knitting a tiny bit.  Amber asked me to make her a little sock for her ipod.  I think it is very cute.

These are creeping over a neighbor’s back fence.


9 thoughts on “Pretties

  1. Mary Kathryn,
    Those Crab Apple House designs, are you gonna have them for sell at your web site? I love the pear thing. If you are, then I’ll wait to order the Blackbirds Designs book that I’ve been thinking about getting. Let me know, cause I’d love to have that pattern.

  2. I see I’ve missed several days of prettiness… your pictures are always just so “graceful”, Mary Kathryn!

    I saw your pillows in Sharon’s booth at the show and they were indeed quite lovely in person 🙂

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