fabric, feathers, bananas

Another photo of my big project.  It is so nice to look up from my desk and see all these pretty fabrics, I like to keep the cabinet doors open.  I still have a long way to go before I’ll feel organized in here but it is coming along.

I love these colors for the new design called Beneath the Sunlit Sky, Loose Feathers design number #26 from Blackbird Design.  You can see the design here. I think their designs just keep getting better and better.

This giant donut is actually banana bread that I baked in a bundt pan (that is a dinner plate it is sitting on). I sometimes often have trouble getting things to come out of the bundt pan and still look pretty – I’m pretty impressed with this one.  I ended up only using brown sugar instead of the normal 1/2 brown, 1/2 white I usually use, maybe that made a difference.  My kids tell me we have been out of white sugar for 2 months, I knew we had been out of brown sugar even longer and I just recently bought a bag.  I guess that either shows how well we can get along without sugar in the house, or I haven’t been baking very much lately!

Things are a bit messed up at school right now.  Due to a long confused story, I’m going to have to CLEP a history credit, unless I want to attend school another semester because of class schedule issues.  I’m also taking a literature class because I have to be enrolled,  I already have all my credits – except the history one I need, to be done!  Nothing like waiting til the last minute to find this out.  The lit class is an accelerated class that is only 5 weeks long, then I’m officially done with classes!!!


12 thoughts on “fabric, feathers, bananas

  1. I love your fabric storage! Everything looks so organised 🙂

    I also love the latest LF – the colours are just gorgeous! The piece of Natural Belfast I ordered from you yesterday is for this design – I think the thread colours will work well on it.

  2. Oh how my cat would LOVE to find a bed in those fabrics! I could never leave the door open. LOL They look wonderful and I’m sure they are comforting to gaze upon while working. Your banana cake looks d-lish and that new design by BB – pretty!

  3. I love the organization of your *stuff* – it looks so beautiful. (yes I adore organizing). Your cake looks so yummy I could almost smell it through the screen. Sorry to hear about your school troubles – that would be frustrating for sure.


  4. Congratulations on being almost done with school – woo hoo!!

    I love your fabric cabinet, what a joy. I also like the way you have your ribbons organized- is that a paper towel holder?

    Love the new loose feathers.

  5. Hi! Absolutely love your new project. I very much need to do the same thing, but I have a lot of work ahead of me to even think about being at that stage. Have enjoyed reading your blog for quite some time and thought maybe I should comment 😉 Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures with us!

  6. Water Lily is one of my favorites! I love to see your fabric and threads displayed – they are almost as pretty to look at as finished projects!! Thank you for sharing.


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