Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

Lots of hot weather here! I really – REALLY dislike air conditioning so we have had lots of fans running bringing in more hot air, but at least it is fresh hot air! The afternoons are stormy, which I love.

I’ve watched about 3/4 of Beatrix Potter but we had a little potty emergency and I never got back to it, I will say I was crying my head off. I slept really well because of it I think.  I should have a chance to watch the whole thing through later tonight since I’m caught up on my writing assignments.

I got an A on my final for my last class so I’ve kept up the old GPA! One more class to go, I hope I don’t blow it.


7 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Wow! I see the Blue Ridge Mountains everyday from my front porch — they are so completely different! I love to see your pictures! Definitely a mountain person here!

    Michele in the Appalachians

  2. Enjoyed Miss Potter at the movies and just rented it and enjoyed it again! Congratulations on the great grade!! Awesome pictures!

  3. I’m sure this A means a bit more than all those other A’s! Congratulations!! Few people can boast about a 4.0 GPA!! Are you already registered for the CLEP?

  4. I always love your Rocky Mountain posts.
    I enjoyed Miss Potter so much I would watch it again even knowing I would end up crying. She was a remarkable women.

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