WIP organization.

My WIP board (foam core) covered in pretty fabric.  I pin my WIPs here to keep them somewhat flat and un-wrinkled.  Easy to see them all at one time (find them)!

WIP basket – charts kept with supplies in individual bags.  Put a note in the bag if you have pulled something out to use on another design so you know where it may have gotten to.  I love these bags that come in several sizes.  I do carry these at my webshop if you can’t find them. :0)

My most active supplies are hanging by my stitching chair in the pretty travel bag I found at Target.


14 thoughts on “WIP organization.

  1. Your WIP board is cool, what a nifty idea. I also like the travel bag idea. I have several of the zipper project bags, they are great for storing everything, and last forever! I finished the new Harry Potter last night, and loved it 🙂

  2. A WIP board?! What a great idea, i love it!! Mine get put away in a box but i hate that they come out creased and i often forget about what WIPS i have, your idea would solve that!

  3. I love the idea of a WIP board and having everything organized so well. I’m not quite that advanced yet, but someday I will have my own room and I am so looking forward to having all my stitching and sewing and my new future of quilting (hopefully) and knitting (someday), plus my scrapbooking and rubber stamping all lovely and organized in one place. I will be making a note of your wip board and other suggestions so that I can implement them in my own room someday. I love the idea that everthing is hanging and wrinkle free – you are such a smart lady!!

  4. What a good idea about the WIP board! I think I’m safer having mine in those mesh bags (aren’t they awesome?!) because then I can’t see how many I’m NOT getting done 🙂

  5. This is a good idea for a couple of reasons. Like you said, they don’t get wrinkled but also you know where everything is. And the other reason is that you see just how much you have started and need to finish instead of starting yet another project ~ LOL! I have a design board that takes up pretty much one whole wall in my quilt studio where I hang patchwork blocks as I am testing them. There is no room for me to do this I think but I really do love this idea.

  6. Loooooovely idea!!! If only I could have enough space…
    I agree with Heidi: often I start something new without have any idea of how many projects are waiting to be completed; with this board I would feel me guilty for sure and I would complete much more projects!!! 😀

  7. Thanks for posting such inspiring photos! I love the idea of a wip board – I am off to dig out some fabric and try to make one!

  8. Now that is what I call organised!! I keep my projects in plastic ziplock-type bags and also leave notes in them when I need to ‘borrow’ something out of it. 🙂

    The board is a great idea to see all the WIP’s at a glance, not to mention keeping them wrinke free!

  9. Very good idea ! I discovered this type of zip-bag through the kit of japanese box from Judy Odell. I notice carefully that I could find it in your shop 😉 I think that I am a “wip-woman” 😦 and between quilting and stitching this kind of bag will save me :-))))) ! ! ! !!!!!!!!
    Your board is nice too and when I saw yours ………………. hum, hum I know, now, that I am not alone to have some so much wips !!!!! lol

  10. Great organization ideas Mary Kathryn! I was looking for the travel bag at Target tonight, but no such luck in finding it. I’ll keep my eyes open for something similiar!

    I really like the idea of a WIP board too!

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