Golden, quilts, and things.

I started my day with a long drive to Golden. There are lots of museums in Golden but I only drove there, realized I was at the wrong place for an appointment (Amber’s in the dog house) and drove home. The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is in Golden (I’ve haven’t visited this one yet) – the Geology Museum at the School of Mines is my favorite.

Speaking of quilts, I did run into a quilt shop to pass a bit of time while I was waiting to pick up kids and found this great book. I didn’t buy it but I’m saving my pennies up. It has a great quilt design that would be perfect for my collection of Chelsea Boutique fabrics.

I did add a few titles to my Prairie Schooler Collection so I need to update my list. I’d like to get the small design from Pumpkin Patch stitched this fall.

I’m happy to say I got a 39/40 on my paper and some additions to my quiz score. In fact the teacher handed out a copy of my paper to the class (without my name on it thankfully) as an example of how a literary analysis should be written – that was a surprise! One more week of school, 2 more papers and I’m done with classes!!!


11 thoughts on “Golden, quilts, and things.

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful little pillow you sent. Did you take a picture of this before you sent it? If so, post it so everyone can see how lovely it turned out. It is my favorite birthday present! Thank you Mary!

    Love, Ann

  2. Love that photo of the Howdy arch 🙂 You know, I have *almost* bought the Chelsea Garden charms packs like 3 times now LOL Have you seen the new fabric Blackbird has done for Moda? Don’t remember what it’s called…will be out in September.

  3. You live that close to Golden? I remember wanting to get the Sandra Dallas book but still never have. I hope you do get to the quilt museum one day and please take a good look around for me too. 🙂

  4. The quilt museum sounds interesting. I will have to see if you can list a few places & needlework shops for me to visit between Denver & Breckenridge when I visit Colorado in Feb 08!!

    Valerie (LHN Group)

  5. I have a nice collection of Chelsea Boutique fabrics in my stash…just waiting for the ‘right’ project! I am looking forwards to when you get started on yours :-D.

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