Weekend Projects

Kellen left for 5 days of camp today with the 5th and 6th graders at church.  Amber has moved back to school so it is just Jerry, Tyler, Ethan, and I this week, quite a different dynamic.

I did get the second block for the PS 12 Days SAL done.  I’m on a good pace to keep up with the due dates at this point.

As you can see I was carried away by the beaded fob addiction.  I ended up making 16.  I will be drawing 2 names (see previous post) and I will tell you the one with the snail is one of the fobs I’ll be giving away since it seems like a favorite.  The other one will be a surprise.  I’ve also decided to sell some of these (so I can buy more beads).  There is a link at the top of my blog called Fobs 4 Sale.

I also put new screen material in our window screen frames this weekend.  Little boys have a way of poking holes in screens and I’ve needed to do this for a while now.  This is one of the small screens.  I ended up having to make new frames for 2 large and one small window.  My arms are aching tonight from the hacksaw and the little rolling tool that you use to get that cord in the groove – I know it has a name but it escapes me at the moment.  Poor Jerry had to make several trips to Home Depot today.  While I was having fun with the screens he was reparing a leaking pipe in the basement that we discovered at about 1am last night.  All is well now.

I have officially waited to the bitter end to get my paper written (what I should be doing this very moment).  I’ve decided to switch to a Wordsworth Poem “The world is too much with us” which I think will make the paper go much quicker than my original choice.  Better get to it!

Tomorrow is my official last day of classes!!!


13 thoughts on “Weekend Projects

  1. Your 12 Days are coming along great. I like your fabric. It shows the light colors really well. I cannot believe how many fobs you made! They are all beautiful but I too love that snail. Isn’t it fun to get all enthusiatic about making something! Congratulations about school just about over. How did it go with writing that last paper? I love Wordsworth and just finished reading his sister Dorothy’s Lakeland Journals.

  2. I love it! when you find something fun to make, like me…you make all the fun you can! Your fobs are all very pretty, if I read the post right, I think I still am in time for the drawing. I would like to be included, because those are some very pretty fobs. Thank you.

  3. My goodness, do you ever sleep? Your weekend stitching, fobs and screen repair are just great. Wish I had your energy. I get a rush just reading your blog. Keep it coming!

  4. I love all your fobs – they are beautiful! Congrats on your last day of school!! 🙂 I was just thinking today that I would really love to go back. Maybe someday….

  5. Your PS 12 Days… is looking beautiful! Great job. I cannot believe that you made that many fobs. They are all so lovely I don’t know how anyone could choose a favorite. Enjoy your week and congrats on that last day of school!!


  6. Great that you have your second PS ornament done. I have barely started my second one.
    On the scissor fobs, did you use wire or the string? They look really nice and fun.

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