More Austen, other books, and a cranky little man!

Well, here is my bit of progress on The Sampler Girl’s Pride & Prejudice Sampler along with my 2 finished Austen Samplers by the same designer.  I’m planning a wall full of these designs.  I’m just using random colors from my stash to stitch this, it is fun to work on a sampler without using the color key – I do look at the picture a lot!

Sharon shared her great idea of using beaded fobs as zipper pulls on mesh needlework bags.  I also shared it with the needlework shop owner that is now carrying my fobs and she loved the idea.  I hope for more orders from there!

Ethan has been so horribly cranky today.  Happily Jerry was home for a bit between work and class so I ran out for a few minutes of peace and quiet.  I stopped by a quilt shop that I rarely visit – they aren’t the friendliest to people who come in with a stroller and never seem to have anything I’m looking for, but they are on the same block as the cross stitch shop where I had to drop off fobs, I could walk to both without moving the car.  I picked up two fqs.  The one with writing has some references to Wuthering Heights on it that I can make out.  I also stopped for a coffee and poured it into my cup when I got home!

This macaroni salad is a summer staple at our house. Tyler and Ethan love it (Kellen would rather eat dirt).  It is a cucumber, a can of tuna, macaroni, and miracle whip.  So easy and pretty yummy.

I downloaded 2 more books from Audible – they are having a great sale that ends tomorrow.  Jerry wanted ‘The Lost Colony’ (Artemis Fowl) and I downloaded a book called ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ for me.  I love listening to audio books when I stitch.  We don’t have TV (we can watch dvds on a screen but no cable, dish, or reception of any type), so I often spend the evening either listening to a book or to music if I’m stitching.  If you ever decide to sign up at Audible please give my email as a reference ( or ask me for a referral please.

Still waiting on final grades to see if I finished with a 4.0 – I’m hoping!!


14 thoughts on “More Austen, other books, and a cranky little man!

  1. A Jane Austen wall will be pretty cool! I am going to try that salad. Sadly, both my boys will be like Kellen. Keeping my fingers crossed for a 4.0-somehow I think you have it

  2. That macaroni salad looks so good and I am going to try making it this week. I love the entire Moda Wuthering Heights collection which is in my stash cupboard. Your JA samplers are really looking great. That will look so pretty all done up and hanging together. You have made great progress on the newest one.

  3. Mary Kathryn – I too had the idea of making a Jane Austen Wall (after being inspired by Nancy’s First Lady Wall). Great minds think alike I guess. I have the tiniest book nook that I was hoping to hang them all on. I like the idea of using the fob for a zipper pull – it looks so elegant.

  4. Your samplers look great! What a terrific job you’re doing just picking whatever color jumps out at you–I’ve only just started to feel brave enough to try it a little 🙂

  5. Stitching looks great. You are very creative. Love the fob idea on the mesh bags. I have Many mesh bags so I will hve to look into getting some more fobs.

  6. Pretty zipper pull 🙂 I fobbed all of my mesh bags about a year ago and started a mini-trend around our local stitch club LOL Mine are really short, though, and not so pretty.

    You know, I’d have to side with Kellen about the mac salad!

  7. Love the mesh bag idea! 🙂 I have been eyeing the purple kitty fob for some time….now might be the time. 🙂

    Your Austen pieces are gorgeous!

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