Month End.

I’ve made a little more progress on the Pride & Prejudice Sampler from The Sampler Girl.  I hoped to be a bit further than this but my stitching time seems to be eaten up but other things lately.  I did get a fair bit done this evening and hoped to really post this at the end of August but see that it is already past midnight – happy September!

 I had a special request for a threadroll like the pink one I made.  I offered several fabric choices and this is the result.  I think it is very nice in blue too!

I’m making some tiny fobs for zipper pulls – I really enjoy working with beads and I’m thinking about making a beaded tieback for my workroom curtain.

Jerry, Ethan, and I went on an outing to Home Depot mostly to buy a closet rod for a new closet, but I also checked out some detailed moulding for picture frames for my Jane Austen Sampler wall.  I think I found just what I want, Jerry will make the frames for me.  I just need to decide what kind of finish I will put on the wood.

Still no final grade for class.  I wonder if the professor is ill or something, it is past time when grades should be submitted.

Have a lovely weekend, a long one here in the US!

15 thoughts on “Month End.

  1. Your Pride and Prejudice sampler is coming along nicely!

    Beautiful project roll – You have such an eye for color and always pick such beautiful fabrics!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Mary Kathryn for having an online shop! It makes one’s life simpler. You know, I’ve tried to use the LNS here in my area, but, she still hasn’t gotten my thread in. I’m glad your here. I’m trying not to feel guilty.
    Love your stitching, love those colors!

  3. Don’t feel bad Donna,

    No shop can carry everything, it is good that shops and stitchers all support each other. I visit my LNS about once a week even though I can get most things from my own shop. It is good to just be around other stitchers, and see shop models. Each owner puts her own personality into what she offers at her shop I think.


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