A small start.

Here is my tiny start on my someday Jane Austen Sampler wall.  These designs from Tanya at The Sampler Girl were quick stitches and I love how they turned out.  I need to get my 2 bigger finishes added and then it will begin to look like a real collection.

Two other designs by Tanya I have in the works are the ‘Lady Washington Sampler’ and ‘Abigail’s Sampler for John’ shown here (I’ll add a photo of my progress on both this week).  I found these two designs by Designs from Pamela.  I think I will add them to my shop and to my arrangement of First Ladies Samplers that I plan for another wall.

From Designs by Pamela:

Just a photo I snapped while out running errands this weekend.


PS – I’m having a $1.50 shipping on all US orders special at the webshop, $3.00 for international.

13 thoughts on “A small start.

  1. You have a beautiful start on your Jane Austen wall Mary Kathryn! I will look forward to watching it grow. I love the Washington silhouettes – hmmmm very tempting!

  2. What wonderful finishes, Mary Kathryn! I love your idea of a Jane Austen wall. Did you have the two Sampler Girls framed somewhere, or did you find ready-made frames to fit? They work so well!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Those were just frames I had in my little stash that I’ve picked up at store clearances and thrift shops. I just cut a piece of foam core board to fit, pin on the stitched piece like a giant pinkeep, lace it up, remove the pins and put it in the frame with little nails or staples behind the foam core to keep it in place.

    One of the best places I’ve found frames of interesting sizes (sounds like the ROUS of The Princess Bride) is Kohl’s when their frames & pictures are 1/2 off (which seems like every other week). I don’t hesitate to buy an ugly picture for the sake of a frame even though the girls at the checkout probably get a good laugh about the hideous ‘art’ I’m going to hang on my wall.


  4. Thanks for the mini framing lesson! I don’t have a Kohl’s very nearby but I will keep an eye out for FOIS (frames of intersting sizes) in other places. We used to have a Kirkland’s that would have great cheap frames like that. Sometimes I’ve seen things at Ross or Marshall’s.

    These really did turn out so nicely. 🙂

  5. Thanks for much for your inspiration. I love Rocky Mountain Wednesdays. I used to live in the Rockies. Do you know who makes the pattern of George and Martha Washington’s profiles??? I NEED to make those!

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