Tea with Jane

This is a wonderful complimentary design from the Sampler Girl and perfect for my Jane Austen Sampler Wall (this frame came with a mat and I covered it with fabric). I’m tacking up even the unframed samplers to get an idea of how to arrange everything (and to urge my frame-maker into action). I also see that this wall really needs to be painted!

I had an opportunity to pop into a little out of the way quilt shop today that I used to be able to walk to (3 homes ago). I picked up some charm packs and sewed them into strips for a quilt when I got home. I still need to sew the strips together and they haven’t been pressed but you can get the idea I think, just pretty squares in random order – I’ve pinned them to another quilt I have hanging on the wall.

Today’s stitching project:
Lady Washington Sampler from The Sampler Girl

21 thoughts on “Tea with Jane

  1. Everything is so beautiful Mary Kathryn! I love how you framed the freebie with the fabric covered mat. Your Jane Austen wall is looking very nice. And, the quilt is gorgeous!

  2. The freebie from Tanya’s site came out so pretty! Great job Mary Kathryn! And the new quilt looks wonderful. What a pretty set of fabrics. What is the name of the charm pack? You were really motivated to come home from the quilt shop and sew them right then.

  3. Your framed “Tea with Jane” is gorgeous! What a neat idea to cover the mat with fabric. Your Jane Austen wall is looking great. 🙂 Love the quilt as well.

  4. Adorable Mary Kathryn! I love the colors you chose! And the fabric covered mat is so pretty! Your quilt is beautiful by the way. It’s going to look gorgeous once finished! 🙂

  5. Gorgeous! I love the fabric covered mat, I’ve been thinking about doing that. Your J.A. wall is going to be amazing – I love the pieces you’ve stitched. The quilt will be beautiful too – great colors!

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