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Regarding the above photos:

Yes – another new start.  I was inspired by this project at Sohpie’s blog. I’ve had a skein of Old Rose silk from Northern Lights for a long time now, just waiting for the right project. The chart is a free one found here.

I was also inspired by a photo from this blog. I think I still need one more jar and my sewing thread will be pretty and organized.  You can see I found yet one more half-price box that I had to have – I walked away from several others, beleive me!

I’ve added some fobs to the fundraising Pink Page at my webshop that I hope will be inspirational. When I think of what my little worries are compared to someone facing breast cancer, it really puts things in perspective!


3 thoughts on “inspired by

  1. I love the colors of the thread you’re working with in the top photo! I’m not familiar with “Northern Lights,” but I see I’ll have to look it up and see what they offer.

    Your blog is a real pleasure to browse through! You make beautiful stuff – and I love the photos of Colorado!


  2. I love the thread jar. I have my buttons organized the same way, only I’ve used jelly (and other) jars with the same color lids. Purple buttons in a grape jelly jar, red in a raspberry jam jar, etc.
    I like your idea, I may do that, it’d look pretty in my sewing area.

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