Today is our 23rd anniversary.  When my mom was here she gave me a bag full of photos and this was in there.  I think I mentioned last year that our photographer’s camera was broken and that very few of our wedding pictures turned out – none of the ones with Jerry and I together.  So this is a candid shot from someone’s 110 camera, but you get the idea…. 

Our special day started with the Awana Grand Prix pinewood derby.  Kellen won first place for speed- he was thrilled!  This afternoon I got the knitting bug and started this afghan (the blue one on the bottom).  This photo is from the Lion Brand Yarn website where you can find the free pattern called ‘Country Cousins Blanket’ in the Blue Mountain Colorway.  I’m using the yarn they list – it is really soft!  My stitching is still of the Christmas exchange variety – so no photos to share.

We will celebrate this evening eating Chinese carry-out and painting Jerry’s office – fun!


20 thoughts on “happy

  1. Happy Anniversary! The picture is great of the two of you. I’m sure you haven’t changed a bit in 23 years..Right???
    Have a great day.{painting}

  2. Happy Anniversary to a forever young couple!! Staged formal photos are often over-rated. I love this candid one! May your love continue to grow and may your hearts always be this young and joyous.

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