coming together

I’m putting the final touches on my Christmas exchange pieces.  Here is a glimpse of some of the materials I’ve used.  I found this unfinished wooded tray, I’m thinking it will be a useful item around the house.  It was less than $2, I’m starting to think I should have picked up a few.

The office painting progresses.  The grey is the new color.  The boys are ‘helping’ Jerry do this.  We also need to clean the carpet in there before we move the furniture back in.  I went to 4 stores trying to find the solution for my Little Green Machine.  I guess I’ll go looking again tomorrow. 

I have one block knitted for my throw.  I switched the yarn for the second color from Waterfall to Regency.  I’ll probably use the Waterfall to stitch the squares together.

Here is another photo of one of our recent hikes – that’s Kellen.


8 thoughts on “coming together

  1. Mary Kat – Thought of you watching this video clip:

    and I have one of those trays too – use for the loose stitching stuff – keeps it from rolling off the table!
    Love that yar – wish I could get the hang of the knitting thing!

  2. Ginger,

    I sure recognized many things in that video. The drive into Estes and on into the park, Hallett Peak, Emerald Lake (places I’ve hiked many times). Thanks for the video.

    This throw is a super easy knit. (You knit every single row).


  3. Hi Mary Kathryn,

    The silks that I am using for VoHRH are the recomended NPI silks listed in the chart. I really liked the way it looks in the picture so I thought I would just do it as charted. I have found that many of the colours are very close and so the way it is turning out is even better than the pictured model. It is a really nice thing to stitch!! Working on it tonight night in fact.

    Thanks for stopping by!!!


  4. Love the fabric colors and the bargain tray you purchased. What a great gift idea item for house warmings, get wells, Mother’s day etc. Wow where did you find it. I may need a few. The yarns look good together too.

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