First – a very BIG thank you to all my lovely stitching friends who have sent me Christmas cards. They aren’t all in this picture but I have been touched by each one of you who have taken time to send me a card!

A few new projects have found their way into my basket for 2008, I hope I have lots of time to devote to stitching, my basket is getting quite full already.  I’m in the midst of a big finishing project for a designer.  Here are some of the fabrics that are being used, there are several others.  I just found out my favorite quilt shop is having quite a sale next week after Christmas.  I will be sure to share the fabrics I round up when I pay a visit there.

In preparation for all the new pillows floating around in my imagination, I’m making a bit of room.  I’ll be offering these at my etsy shop shop later today as soon as I can get things photographed and posted.  If you have an interest in any of these feel free to email me at petermkp@gmail.com


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