fair & square received!

Thank you dear Danica for the wonderful package you sent to me.  The squares are so pretty, I love the silk, and am so excited to add to my PS collection!  Thank you, thank you!

 I had a whole hour to myself today!  It is very rare that I am able to go anywhere without at least one boy tagging along.  Jerry got home early and I took advantage of the chance to go to the post office and quilt shop all by myself.  I couldn’t resist picking up some fabric to try to duplicate some pillows I saw in the shop.  Jerry will not be thrilled about yet another pillow in the living room – I won’t mind!


9 thoughts on “fair & square received!

  1. Oh these are such pretty squares. I love the colour and the Life tree. What a lovely gift to receive at the beginning of a fresh, new year. Such a lovely colour thread…hmmm!
    Such a treat, too, to do some simple jobs on your own :>)
    Hugs, Angela

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