keeping in touch

It is 58 degrees and very windy today!  Tomorrow’s forecast – 30s and snow!

Other than picking a fabric for this little romantic project,  I don’t think I’ve picked up any cross stitch since the early hours of 2008!  Instead I have been wrapping up a giant finishing project for a designer that has left my sewing area in shambles!  I am so glad that is finished, but not sure my office will ever be the same.  Guess what I’ll be spending the rest of today working on?  I’d rather be starting this new quilt kit Ethan gave me for Christmas.  I need to run over to the quilt shop and take a photo of the one on the wall there.  Maybe I’ll take myself out for a bit later, Jerry mentioned heading that way to look at something, I think that might work, if I hurry and tidy my fabric away I might reward myself with a new fq or two!

My violets are still thriving!  Here they are on the kitchen table with Ethan’s toys all over it.  During my big finishing project a few other things didn’t get done as you can see!

One more bit of news.  Call me crazy but I was missing school.  I’ve signed up for 2 history classes this semester.  They were both classes I wanted to take before but couldn’t because of schedule conflicts.  So bring on the papers and exams!


PS – I did not buy more fabric. Good thing! When I got everything put away I realized I’m out of space!

10 thoughts on “keeping in touch

  1. Mary Kathryn, you definitely deserve a little visit to the quilt shop especially after having completed your big committment and had a quick tidy round. I treated myself to two trips to a quilting shop in a nearby village last week. I went once with my SIL and then a few days later went again with Rula. It was great fun :>) I love the fabrics you are collecting for your new quilt and I do hope you managed to get your photograph of the quilt in the shop.
    Hugs, Angela

  2. Love how you have your fabrics in the cubes… I really need to do something like that. I bet you get inspired just walking into that room 🙂

  3. Coming to your site is always like getting a big hug!

    So, you can’t just dangle “I’m taking two history classes” out there in front of a historian. May I ask that perhaps you mention what classes you will be taking? (My B.A. is in history with a focus in early American history, particularly westward expansion.)

    As always, thanks for a nice visit.

  4. I saw the finished work you did for the designer and they are gorgeous!!! You do beautiful work Mary Kathryn! Love your EEF WIP! And great idea for keeping your fabric tidy! Not to mention being able to see them.

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