Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

Today was a very chilly grey day with lots of low clouds. Jerry says this is the kind of day when you see lots of Big Horn Sheep – he was right (like always)!

I love the one that was peeking from behind the rock and then came out for a closer look. Jerry was the wildlife photographer today.


14 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. WOW! what beautiful photos.
    I do enjoy when you post scenery pictures, for I certainly do not have a view like that.
    Love the pic’s of you work too.
    In New Jersey @ the shore

  2. I lived in Denver for 2 years and Longmong for 1 year and I never saw a big horn sheep. Guess I was looking in the wrong places!

  3. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy this feature you do for us? I can’t wait to move into the Rockies (looks like anywhere from one to four years thanks to the economy and mortgage disaster) and I love to visit here on RMWs and dream. Thanks so much!

  4. Remarkable shot with all the sheep! Jerry must have a way with wildlife. Can’t decide if the single guy was thinking “What’s this guy think he’s doing?” or “I thought tourist season was OVER! Let me help him on his way.” I too love Rocky Mountain Wednesdays!! You’re stitching and sewing creativity and productivity constantly amazes me! Love all the pillows.

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