Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

Today was really, really cold!  It was also really pretty, but I was glad to get home to my fleece blanket!

I’ve developed a touch of ‘tennis elbow’ which seems to be aggravated by stitching and using the computer mouse.  I’m on a stitching rest til next weekend but I have a few things that have been lurking that I can share later in the week.  I’ve also ordered a new laptop, not because of my elbow, because my old one is about to give up the ghost.  The keyboard will be at a better height now tho – I have to keep this one elevated so that air can circulate underneath to keep it from shutting off from overheating – at the worst possible moment several times a day!

I’m off to snuggle up and read!  Just a dusty textbook (well not so dusty, it is new), but still enjoyable.


9 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Mary Kathryn,
    I so look forward to your beautiful photos on Wednesday. I cannot imagine how wonderful it would be to see such sights so close to home.


  2. What a dinamic and wonderful scene!
    These photos are so beautiful as well as your works!!
    I had been to Montana and could see the Rocky Mountains, but it was summer, so it’s the first time for me to see winter version! So stunning!
    By the way, could I still buy “stitch pink” kit at your store?
    I fell in love with it and would like to have one!

  3. Oh dear I do hope your arm improves as tennis elbow can be really uncomfortable. A few years ago I had it and it hung around for weeks. I’m sure better positioning of your keyboard will help and rest, of course.

    Your photographs are stunning, as always. Thanks for braving the cold to go out and take them for us. I love the (dare i show my ignorance now and say…) red deer? DH thinks they may be woppity? Anyway, they are jusy gorgeous.
    Hugs, Angela

  4. Nurse that elbow! Be very kind to it, so that you can soon be stitching again. Hope you are enjoying your book, and snuggling too, of course. The pictures are so clear, what glorious surroundings, you are certainly blessed.

  5. Mary Kathryn,

    I always enjoy reading your blog! Your pictures of the mountains near your home are breathtaking! I especially love the moose! 🙂

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