I’m not really calling my stitching ‘amazing’ but I am really enjoying this Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey Sampler from the Sampler Girl. 

These are the two charm packs I picked up on Wednesday.  Two great new fabric lines creating lots of ideas in my head!

Tyler and Ethan created a very fancy train track in the living room this morning.  Ethan is having a good play.

Why I called this post ‘amazing’ is really because of this movie I watched last night.  I have read a biography of Wilberforce, but I have to say how much I really enjoyed this movie.  I highly recommend it.  I always forget how young Pitt and Wilberforce were when this was going on.  Anyway, I don’t want to be too sappy about this movie, but it is more than entertainment and really good for the heart, if you have a chance – do watch it!


9 thoughts on “amazing

  1. Mary Kathryn,
    I love how Northanger Abbey is coming along. Your fabric as always is beautiful and perfect. Seeing Ethan with his wooden tracks so makes me think of my little Thomas who played with his trains everyday for most his 7 years alive. It is wonderful playtime for them.
    I have not read about Wilberforce, but I have wanted to see Amazing Grace since it was out in theaters. Hearing your review makes me want to get that movie and enjoy it this weekend.

  2. Great track!!! Zack already loves Thomas; I think they are brainwashed early. LOL Ben still has his trains in wait for Zack – oh those tracks were such fun to build but I never liked trying to reach my trains when the track when too far. LOL Your stitching is lovely – glad you are liking the design. I have that movie on my queue – it does look so good – glad to hear you liked it!

  3. I saw Amazing Grace a couple of months ago and just loved it. And I would also call your stitching amazing 🙂 Ethan seems to be enjoying himself.

  4. It is a wonderful movie – it made me cry lots and I love the actors in it.It really shows how a few people can change things for good despite what is against them.

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