it came!!

Along with a little something to test out he DVD drive! I really am having such a great time fiddling!


14 thoughts on “it came!!

  1. Love that green. My daughter asked for either a pink or green
    Dell for Christmas, but finally settle on a pink one. We got her a matching mouse, too.


  2. Aw – glad you got your new computer… BUT… you just tempted me into buying Persuasion! I forgot it was coming out on DVD – I read about it last year. I also found myself getting last year’s release of Jane Eyre. *Sigh*

    Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. Yeah!!!! it looks wonderful, how exciting!!!! Love the fressh look of the green, you will never misplace that one! It is so much fun to get something new and improved!!!!! Have a great time playing with it and hope it fulfills your dreams.

  4. Oooh, very nice Mary Kathyrn. Both DSs have a Dell. I’ve had my eye on the Ruby Red only DH says it’s not in the build budget! :o( Oh why does he keep telling me that…lol!

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