Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

If these photos look a bit like the ones from last week – it is because they were taken last week.  Ethan is still under the weather here.  Other than a quick trip to the Post Office to ship orders – I didn’t go anywhere today.

I’m in the midst of revamping the webshop.  Watch for a new look there!  While I’m at it I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog.  In the past two days I have run across 4 blogs called Happy Stitcher (besides mine).  Most are fairly new.  I think the name isn’t unique enough, so I’m thinking of calling mine something that will be more of my own.  The problem is I don’t have any ideas at the moment.

I’ve received two blog awards that I will be responding to tomorrow but I wanted to say thank you so very much!

I’m really tired tonight, I hope I’m not getting Ethan’s bug, I really just feel like crawling into bed.  I have 3 chapters to get through before I do – better go make a pot of tea!


5 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Just my two cents, but I think your new blog name should have something to do with Jane Austen or samplers, since you love both so much.

  2. You live in such a lovely place!
    Our kids want to share everything with us…including their bugs! My two kids have caught a flu bug too, and I am starting feeling not very well!…
    Looking forward to reading your new blog name!
    Wishes from Italy,

  3. Hope Ethan is doing better today and that you aren’t catching his bug. You could be getting run down though so please take care! With all your beautiful finishes maybe you need to incorporate that into your new blog name.

  4. Mary Kathryn,

    I was thinking of something with your name in it – like Handcrafted with Mary Kathryn – or Handcrafted with Love or even Rocky Mountain Stitcher!

    Linda in VA

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