make my day

It has been a rough day.

If my fever, headache, and sore throat are any indication, I have the flu.

I have had a day filled with business trouble – orders I have placed have,  a. arrived but were not what I ordered; b. arrived missing half of what I ordered; c. were lost and therefore never shipped! This makes my fever go up 2 degrees!

Ethan’s crankiness has reached epic proportions. I had to take Kellen to a lesson tonight and thought I would make it easy on myself and pick up burgers. I pulled into McDonald’s and Ethan started fussing for McWendy’s (all drive thrus are called McSomething to Ethan). So I went up the street to McWendy’s where he immediately started fussing for McDonald’s. We came home instead where he is lucky he didn’t get sent to McBed without McDinner.

Enough of my ranting!

These things did make my day today –

These oh-so-cute thread holders from Monique’s etsy shop. Aren’t they cute??
These wonderful Valentines from the exchange at the Jane Austen Stitching Group, thank you Maraline & Sharyn!
A tiny bit of stitching that I squeezed in on my Flowers of the Field Sampler from the Sampler House (I will be adding this to the Blog Projects page of my webshop)

Su and Danielle were very nice and nominated my blog for a ‘you make my day’ award!  Thank you.  I would like to nominate the following blogs that I find very enjoyable – there are more than ten in my top favorites, but I’ll just name ten in this post.

Rachel – Willing Hands

Tanya – At the Honeysuckle Tree

Suzann – From the Porch Swing

Leanne – Leanne’s House

Sharon – Sharon’s Cross Stitch Obsession

Joanna – Fresh Figs

Sophie – le Blog de Sophie

Susan – The History of the (Whole) World

Margaret – A Sampler of Stitches

Dannielle – Princess Nimble Thimble

23 thoughts on “make my day

  1. Oh Mary Kathryn, sounds like you need one of those calgon baths to take you away. You gave me such a chuckle though – McBed – too funny. Ben gets that way so I can so relate. Hope you feel better soon, girlie. Shame about those orders – blasted frustrating when something goes not the way we want. grrrrrr Thinking of you and sending good thoughts.

    Thank YOU for making my day with that compliment on my blog.

  2. LOL Mc Bed indeed. The flu!? I appreciate the postal run you made for me today even more!

    I sure hope you are feeling better soon!

    So glad you like the threadholders 🙂

  3. Oh dear! I hope you get some rest and feel better. I liked your story about your McFussy boy! But I know that wasn’t funny in the moment. 😦 Do rest up if you can – I’ll say a little prayer for you.

    Thank you for the kind award!!

  4. Oh no Mary Kathryn, feel better soon. I got the biggest chuckle out of your McDinner run. Ethan certainly wasn’t feeling too well either. Hope you have a better day! Love the Flowers of the Field. Oh gosh another to hit the wish list I’m thinking! I really need to get my hands on one of those threadholders! LOL

  5. I’m sure it didn’t feel very funny, but your Mcstory gave me a Mcchuckle 🙂 I think we can all relate! Hope that you and Ethan are feeling better soon!!!

  6. Mary Kathyrn you are so kind to include my blog in your list! I am always overwhelmed when something like that occurs, becuase I sort of feel like Sally Field did when she won her second Oscar-LOL

    I hope you are feeling better soon-the flu seems to be making the rounds now. I love Monique’s thread keepers-they are wonderful. I hope too that you can get your orders straightened out! Take care!

  7. Oh Mary kathryn,
    In England we say, It never rains but it pours, meaning basically, when one thing goes wrong, everything does :>) Firstly I hope you are beginning to feel better, you sound as if you are having a real dose of it! You really made me smile over Ethan’s saga at the take aways – that was supposed to make life easier for you…haha!
    By the way, I worked out where the Comfortable House over my head pattern is from, silly me. I have it printed off here in my pile :>)
    Hope things begin to improve.
    Hugs, Angela

  8. Oh Mary Kathryn! I was so hoping that you were feeling much better, but I guess not so much. Poor you with everything negative right now. You need a wee break, huh? I love that McStory. Kudos to you for keeping your McCool. Thanks for the award – you sure do make my day!

  9. The thread holders are so clever! I love the Valentines and the stitching you’re doing. Congratulations on your award and thank you for the links, some are new to me which I shall enjoy perusing.

  10. Feel better soon Mary Kathryn!
    I’m sorry but I couldn’t help smiling at the naughty Ethan story 🙂
    The thread holders are so pretty – love the words on them.
    Thank you so much for the award!


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