Happy Valentines Day!!

 Amber, Janet, Ethan, and I went to my all-time favorite kitchen store yesterday.  It is really amazing.  I loved this little display of red and white plates and linens.  We had this cheese cake after the fabulous Chicken Marsala Janet made for dinner last night, I think there is a tiny bit left to have with coffee today – a Valentine treat!

I loved this fence was saw yesterday and couldn’t resist stopping for a photo, you can see how nice the weather was, nearly 60 degrees!  Lots of students out reading in the sunshine

and today’s weather. . .

10 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!!

  1. Did you go to William Sonoma in Larymer Street ??
    We had the same problem with the weather: sunny during one week and fog , 0° C this morning 😦
    But a good spicy tea and the sun will be at home !!!!

  2. I love kitchen stores, too! This looks great!…And those cheesecakes look so “yuuummyyyy”!!!
    I love that white fence also! It seems to be taken from a “Country Cottage Needleworks” pattern! :o)
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!
    Have a nice day,
    Monica, Italy

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