week end

If you can believe it – I’m still sick.  This bug is a whopper.  I started some new medicine yesterday that I hope will help.  Jerry is sick too now and looks as miserable as I feel.  I’ve also lost my voice which makes it that much more fun!

 Hope you had a nice Valentine’s day.  Jerry, Janet, and I had a nice dinner at the Chinese restaurant, the egg drop soup felt very nice on my throat.

 On to stitching things — I love the Nashville release from Little House.  I’m thinking about stitching this on 35ct Parchment linen from Weeks Dye Works.  I haven’t stitched on this linen yet, it is softer than some of the R&R hand-dyed linens are and I really like the color.  I’ve come up with a Belle Soie silk conversion for Home of a Needleworker (too)!  that I plan to use on this project.  I love that blue house!

I haven’t done one bit of stitching this week.  I did a bit of shopping, lots of visiting, and a dab of schoolwork.  Here are my splurges this week.  I think a slice of this bread, a cup of coffee, and some stitching are in the very near future for me.  The honey is delicious and I thought this little dish would be nice by my stitching chair for my needle and  orts.

After a quick trip to the post office, I think I’ll fire up the oven and get that bread baking!  I have been working on one other big thing, I’ll be sharing a glimpse of it on Monday!


16 thoughts on “week end

  1. Please be careful, MK. If it’s the same one I had, DH’s doctor called it the “really bad thing that takes forever to go away.” The worst part for me was the depression. I’ve never been so down and, since others have told me they had the same thing with this disease, I’m wondering if it messes with serotonin production or something. Anyway, hope you feel better soon. I’ll be thinking good thoughts.

  2. Oh Mary Kathryn I hope you all feel better soon, its a horrid bug and mine is still lingering, I’m very tired all the time. Hope you pick up again soon my dear.


  3. There have been so many nasty illnesses going
    around this winter. And they seem to be particularly
    hard for people to shake once they’ve caught them.
    Take care of yourself Mary Kathryn. Lot’s of honey
    and lemon for your throat, and warm blankets and
    comfy chairs to rest in. If you can find the time.

    Would you believe that I was peering at the bin of
    mailing envelopes trying to see if there was anything
    there for me? So pathetic I am. Hee!

    Home of a Needleworker (Too) is a pretty design and
    I suspect that it’ll make it’s way onto my wish list before
    too long. And I appreciate the close up look at the new
    LHN design of Needlework, and the threads that it’s to
    be stitched in. It gives me a better idea of what it
    really looks like.


  4. Hope you feel better soon, it’s no fun to be sick for sure. Are you going to purchase LHN Heart of America too? That is the chart, I’ve been thinking of. I am on block 11 of the Village of Hawks Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings, so hopefully will have this huge project finished before long.

    Take care, and feel better!

  5. Hope you feel better soon!
    I love these two LHN patterns and the WDW linen… Actually, I have just added them to my wish list! I would purchase all your stock!
    Also the thread conversion is lovely!
    Take care,
    Monica, Italy

  6. Feel better, my friend! Looks like you have lots of cozy comforts to ameliorate the down-time. Very pretty projects, looks like a great conversion for HoaN2. I like your Night and Day hanging on the doorknob in the background.

  7. Mary kathryn, I was glad to read that your feeling much better, I wouldn’t want anyone to be without a voice (Since I live with this daily and forever).. I wanted ask if you would tell me about the plate or coaster with the bird where did you get it.. its lovely.

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