changes and other good things

I’m someone who likes change so I’m excited to tell you about a few that are taking place.  As you can see I have changed the name and look of my blog.  I did this for two reasons.  I wanted a name that was more of my own and because I’m also making big changes at my webshop Handcrafts Online which has a web address of ehandcrafts.  I hope you will like the changes I’m making there (and here), the ones at the webshop have been necessary for a long time, and involve a lot of work but will make shopping there and managing the site much easier – you wont see the new changes at the website for a while yet – but it will be so different that I wanted to prepare you!  I also want to say Thank You to Paula at Kelmscott for her encouragement during this process.

Now for the other good things – I’m feeling a bit better today and feel I have really turned the corner, I still sound like Minnie Mouse when I talk and have a nasty cough, but feel much better than I did even yesterday. 

I have had some lovely gifts arrive in my mailbox.  Thank you sweet Anna in Poland for these designs from my wish list and beautiful birthday card.  Anna has sent me a card in the past and I have to tell you they are really beautiful, you don’t find cards like this in the US.  My sister sent me a package with my favorite things, chocolate and Jane Austen – well a Pride & Prejudice companion.  She also sent me a really pretty bracelet with John 3:17 on it but I just couldn’t get a good picture of it.

My banana caramel bread was tasty, Tyler inhaled 2/3 of it.  The house smelled as good as it tasted.  A few weeks ago Jerry took me to an out of the way quilt shop he discovered one day and these are the fabrics I picked up.  I’m thinking of a tea cozy for my old Lipton pot.

And finally, since it is President’s Day, I thought I would share a photo of my oh-so-slow progress on the Lady Washington Sampler from The Sampler Girl.


PS – I’ll share a little more about the website changes soon.

12 thoughts on “changes and other good things

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Some of these “bugs” going around are nasty.

    I like the new look of your blog, but if you don’t mind some constructive criticism, it’s very difficult to read the name and the words under it. Can they be made more prominent?

    Looking forward to exploring the web shop when I have more time.

  2. Mary Kathryn love the look of your blog. The colors are soothing too. Yum, your bread looks scrumptious. And I’ve decided I need to scroll past your stitching quickly because it always enables me! LOL

    What wonderful gifts. Love the Quaker Alphabet Samplar. But then again I have several of their charts on my very big wish list!

    Your husband sounds wonderful finding all these great places to visit and shop! You make me want to visit CO again with the pictures.

    Off to check out eHandcrafts!

  3. Delighted that you liked it, Mary K!
    I buy these cards in Norway and send to special people – I know, they’re awesome 🙂
    I look forward to seeing the changes you wrote about.

  4. What great birthday gifts! (Happy Birthday btw). I really like the new look of your blog … can’t wait to see your webshop. Guess I need to go change the name on my links.

    The sampler is looking wonderful.

  5. Sigh. Mr. Darcy. I assume you’ve already read the Pamela Aiden books of Darcy’s story. I think she did a really good job of capturing Austen’s tone.

    Your blog looks fabulous and the new name is so appropriate. I’m building a wishlist for a someday order (gotta get me some of that watercress and the raspberry is yummy and some Austen samplers for somewhere and… well, you get the picture. Plans and budget must come together first but we’re getting there.)

  6. Mary Kathryn…
    Love the new name and look! Glad to see you went with your instincts and changed things up. I’m looking forward to seeing your webshop changes too. You received some great birthday gifts and that bread looks delicious. How cute is that Olivia fabric. I can’t wait to see how the finished product looks. Your first lady sampler looks beautiful too. So glad you’re feeling better too!! I’ve missed ya.

  7. Hi Mary Kathryn…
    Happy to hear you are feeling better!
    The new blog name and look are lovely, and the birthday gifts so great!
    I love the sampler, too and I seem to smell that wonderful bread! Yuummm!
    I am looking forward to seeing the web changes!

  8. What a fantastic cushion, the ribbon work is wonderful. I love looking at your photos, such a beautiful part of the world you live in 🙂

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