a little Sarah

I had such fun with the last book from Blackbird Designs that I was really excited to get my hands on this new one.  The designs are really beautiful and I have plans for several of them.  You can see I’ve made a start on Sarah’s ABC Pincushion (Mojave Fire from Carrie’s Threads on R&R 30ct Apple Brown Bindy) and made a selection for Blooms for Sarah (Mudpie Belle Soie on R&R 40ct Creme Brulee).  I’m still stitching away on Home of a Needleworker (too!) as you can see I’ve made a bit more progress.  I love using the silks. 

Tyler brought home a lovely virus from his friend’s house this weekend,  He is much better but Ethan and I have come down with it – 2008 has been the catch everything year so far.  Ethan has finally fallen asleep without getting sick at regular intervals, I’m enjoying some late night quiet while I wait for another bout myself.  Tyler was only sick for about a day and a half, so I know it will pass quickly!


PS – you can find Thank You, Sarah Tobias here

14 thoughts on “a little Sarah

  1. Wonderful start! I love the pattern,
    fabrics and threads you have chosen!
    I like when you share pictures with different linen colors, they help me to choose which ones I have to order for my next projects! Your photos really show the colors as they are…Actually, I would buy all of them!
    Feel better soon! We have lots of stomach flu in Italy too, on these days…

  2. Hi! I have been following your blog and looking at the wonderful photos of your exquisite needlework. I have been doing some form of needlework since I was five years old and I love to look at other’s work. I have a question though — it doesn’t appear that you use a hoop to do your cross stitch. What do you use, or do you use any sort of device? I just notice that your work is completely devoid of the tell-tale hoop marks and was wondering.

    Keep on stitching, it is absolutely gorgeous.


  3. Hi again! I would add another question to Melissa’s one…
    When you stitch on 40 ct. linen, do you use a magnifier? I have tried two different kinds of them, but I am not very happy…I was planning to purchase a third one…!

    Have a great day!

  4. Sorry you have illness in you house agon, you can’t seem to catch a break! Hope your kids feel better soon. Love your start, Mary Kathryn!

    Valerie from CT

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