Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

Jerry was nice enough to go out this afternoon and take photos for us while I stayed home feeling sick of feeling sick.

I actually spent the afternoon stitching on my Fair & Square project that has to be in the mail Friday and watching the Jane Austen Book Club which was just okay.

I wanted to remind you that my website might be down over the next few days while some technical things get transferred behind the scenes – I hope it won’t last long but I’ll keep you updated here.  Also, I’ll try to answer some questions that have been posted in the comments section here with tomorrow’s post. 

I’m off to pack more orders, it is fun to see every one’s stash as it goes out the door. right now everything seems to take twice as long to finish, I have such poor concentration!  I’m hoping that tomorrow is the day I’m feeling really better, but I feel like I’m getting an ear infection at the moment (what next?!), I seem to be the germ sponge this year!


11 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. It’s been a rough year for sickness and it seems like you’ve been sick far too long. I know it’s nearly impossible as a mom, but try to rest as much as you can.

  2. Thank Jerry for the wonderful picts! Good gosh Mary Kathryn you are having a rough time of getting well. Hope that ear infection passes quickly. I can’t shake this flu bug either. The cough is driving me to distraction! Feel better!

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