Prairie Schooler NEW!

They are here and I love them!!

 Four new wonderful designs form Prairie Schooler and a cute little mini card too.  In case my website is down I am taking orders by email. Here is the link to the web page (hope it works) New 08 PS Designs.

I haven’t had time to really examine each design but if I had to pick a favorite right now I’d say Weather Wise, but I love the small designs on A Farmer’s Almanac.

Jerry took the two big boys to work with him today so Ethan and I have had a nice quiet day.  It is 60 something degrees today so we have been out and about and it feels good.  I picked up a few half price goodies just because they were pretty while I was out.  I seem to be collecting birds lately.  Also in my mail box was a surprise from Janet (Jerry’s sister) she sent me The Lake House which I haven’t seen yet!  Thank you Janet – or if you are reading Leif, tell Janet I said Thank You!!

Now for some answers –

Melissa – I don’t use a hoop or frame when I stitch, I stitch everything ‘in hand’ I think it is called.

Missy – the Lily of the Valley Needleminder is 3D, I hope you can see it better in this photo.

Thank you for all the lovely compliments and get well wishes, they mean so much to me.  Also if you haven’t entered in the drawing for the Schoolgirl Lessons Pincushion be sure to leave a comment at THAT post to enter.


11 thoughts on “Prairie Schooler NEW!

  1. I see we both like the same two PS releases! Cute PS card! I agree things are very pickable with Farmers Almanac and love Weather Wise!

  2. There are 3 I really like and have placed my order. Weather Wise just doesn’t do anything for me now…..later I may change my mind 🙂 Love the birds, they are cute.

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