lots to share

First of all, Maria Esther sent me this wonderful pincushion along with some ribbon and a handy bead sorter.  She included a great post card from her home in Costa Rica – Mucho Gracias Maria Esther!!

It was a big (leap day) sale weekend at the quilt shop and I went twice!  On my first visit I picked up 29 fat quarters for $29!  It wasn’t hard to find 29 and I filled up my little basket quickly.  On my second visit I picked up some yardage and an new tool for 29% off.  I’ve had fun playing with my new ruler.  As you can see I didn’t get one of the triangles quite right – I kind of like the imperfection of it.  The other fabric (pink/peach/green) is for a table runner that the ruler is supposed to be handy for – I’ll see if I can follow the directions, there was one made up at the shop in the same fabric and it is really pretty.

I’m getting a late start on the SAL for Where My Heart Blooms.  I’m going to use Carrie’s Threads on this and do it over 1 – at least that is the plan.  I hope to get a few stitches in tonight.  We have a bunch of college students coming over tomorrow afternoon so I need to prepare some snacks.  They are going to help get some equipment ready for an upcoming missions trip.

Bye for now!


5 thoughts on “lots to share

  1. I agree with Monique – Fantastic goodies! I hope you will consider sharing your conversion to Carrie’s Threads for “Where My Heart Blooms” – they look lovely.

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