My sister has received her birthday package from me so I can show you the little Jane Austen pillows I made.  I liked how hers turned out so I made a small one for myself.  The button on the larger one is from our grandmother’s button box.  I also sent along other JA goodies that I know she has enjoyed.

Daniela has let me know that my squares have reached her in the Czech Republic.  This bird is from Prairie Schooler’s Garden Beasties book #54.  I love doing PS designs for the Fair & Square exchange.  Speaking of PS designs, I did end up finding the green I needed to finish up my tiny Weather Wise project, I’ll share that in a day or two.

Tyler has a friend whose mom often sends things home to me when Tyler has been for a visit.  She recently sent me empty eggs from her geese that I have in a clear glass jar and they are very pretty.  This past weekend Tyler went for a visit and she sent home some homemade Huckleberry and Peach Citrus lip balm.  I’ve been using this for 3 days and my lips feel wonderful!

Finally, I’ve finished stitching 1 Sarah’s ABC Pincushion (from the new Blackbird Desisgns – Thank you, Sarah Tobias book) and started stitching another.  This first one is going to be a surprise for someone who I think will really like the colors, I think I’m going to make the second one for me, or I may stitch it a third time, it is really quick and I love using up pretty bits of linen this way.


14 thoughts on “received

  1. just a note to say thank you for sharing your work and photos
    they are inspiring and make my spirit smile

    i have just joined fair and square
    found it thru your website

    many thanks
    keep posting

    smiles corinna

  2. I love your Sarah-abc! I have ordered the book as well and it’s in back-order. So I’m waiting (im-)paitiently for my book to arrive in my mailbox 🙂 The PS-bird is also very nice.. Oh what am I sayin’, I love your all work *lol* You’re a great inspiration.

  3. Hi Mary Kathryn,
    I just love your blog. It’s a daily visit for me. Your Jane Austin pillows are really nice. What a special gift.

    I just finished Sarah’s alphabet pincousion last night. It’s definately a quick stitch! Whoever that’s piece is for is very lucky!

    Thanks – Malinda

  4. Having some problems posting a comment so will just try again. Hope I don’t sound like I’m shouting to a deaf person but…

    If we were conversing in person, I would be speechless! I love your Jane Austen pillows and would love to do something similar with Louisa May Alcott.

    Is this a post I missed. Did you purchase the portrait or do the transfer yourself or ???

    Wonderful work.

  5. Hi Mary, Thank you for the lovely pillow, the Mansfield Park DVD, the Wonderful Jane Miscellany, and the rooster cross stitch.

    I was sitting at Justin’s surgery yesterday and working on my cross stitch, feeling very proud of myself. Unfortunately, I noticed as I was putting it away that part of it is off so I will need to hit the “rewind” button and get back on track! Thank you for the lovely gifts!
    Love, Ann

  6. Oh, I just love what you did with the JA picture and the pillows! All your new stitching is awesome, too. That little PS Fair&Square is so darling.

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