weather wise

I finished up this small design from the new Prairie Schooler Weather Wise chart.  I’m in a pincushion mode lately so that is what this little finish became.  It turned out a bit lumpy, I didn’t stuff it super full, I might open it up and add some scented beads to it to help fill the little gaps.

I’ve added a couple of small spring designs to my stash, I don’t think there is time to do these before Easter but they will keep.  I’ve also just received a package for a model that I’m stitching in the mail so that will be keeping me busy for the next little while.

I’ve been re-reading Jane Eyre and watching the 2006 Masterpiece Theater production of the book and it is my favorite version so far.  If you haven’t seen this one I highly recommend it.


14 thoughts on “weather wise

  1. MaryKathryn, What darling pincushions! I love the little bunny, especially. At the rate you stitch, I bet you will get one of your new Easter rabbits finished in time! Can we ever read “Jane Eyre” too many times? It’s one of my very fav. books. Have you read “Villette?” If you haven’t, that might be a new treat for you.

  2. Your pillows are so pretty Mary Kathryn! I love them! I also like Jane Eyre a lot. It’s such a good book! I only saw the second half of the movie. I’d like to see the whole thing. 🙂

  3. Very pretty stitching. Jane Eyre is fabulous when done well. This one was superb, but there is an old version which I still think gets the spirit of Bronte exactly

  4. Just recently found your website. Your stitching is so pretty. How may I find out the names of the patterns you use. I did find WeatherWise, but what about the cute little bunny or the abc house. Thanks so much!

  5. MK,
    Thank you for the special offer on St. Pats Day. I could not pass up the offer to save alittle green 🙂 And the fact that you were giving away green floss,which green is my FAVORITE color,made it even better 🙂

  6. Love the pincushions Mary Kathryn! The bunny is perfect. And love the clear beads before the tassles on Weather Wise. I might have to send you mine to finish! : ) I’ve been dying to do some bunny stitching myself but have to admit with Easter a hop, skip and jump away it’s too late. Think it’s coming way too early. But guess I could consider bunnies spring instead. Must ponder this.

    Ok ladies, I can’t remember the last time I picked up a classic from Bronte but you’re making me want to read Jane Eyre! And I looked up Villette, very intriguing story. Thanks for the tip.

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