a little green

I’ve been adding houses to my big DMC color project.  I have a lot of color numbers to add but I’ve stitched about a quarter of the houses I think, maybe a bit more.

I’m offering free shipping and giveaway at the webshop if you want to stop by and see what it’s about (3/17/2008 only).

One place I don’t have green yet is my yard – I do however have a bit of new snow.


10 thoughts on “a little green

  1. Mary Kathryn, where did you get that pattern for the DMC houses? i have been wanting to do something like this. I ‘ve seen it mainly on a few French blogs and have asked about the pattern but I have never heard back. Could be my French is so lousy! LOL


  2. Pretty snow scene! Hard to imagine snow when it’s so springy here but I could take another good dusting – alas, it won’t happen. I’ll have to live through your pictures 🙂


  3. MK,
    Thank you for the special offer on St. Pats Day. I could not pass up the offer to save alittle green And the fact that you were giving away green floss,which green is my FAVORITE color,made it even better

  4. Love your DMC project!! Today it’s really nice out finally and I’m hoping that is the end of snow here. Will watch your Rocky Mountain Wednesdays to see the snow sprinkled on the mountain peaks.

  5. Love your coloured DMC houses – what a fun project. And I also love to see your Wednesday photos of snow … something I miss here in Spain (I only like it when it is deep and crisp and even like you seem to get in the Rocky Mountains – not slushy and grey).

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