Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

I didn’t have much of chance to take pictures today. I forgot to take my camera out with me this morning so I snapped these just a bit ago after shipping packages and searching two office supply stores for labels I would like to try.

I spent a long while at the tire store discussing the fine points of warranties regarding the two flat tires I had this week on my less that 10 month old tires that are worn completely out. I am getting new tires in the morning and only paying for an alignment.  Honestly – what is a warranty for??

As you can see our snow has mostly melted. The golf course is starting to look a bit green even. It has been shirt-sleeve weather for two days now. I’m wanting to get out for more walks, too bad taking the boys along is like herding cats! I would love to pop in my mp3 headphones and listen to a good book while I’m out and about walking, maybe I can get out by myself to walk once a week or so – that would be fun!


3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Shirt-sleeves weather sounds fantastic! I thought we were heading for an early spring, but Mother Nature is having a laugh at our expense – it’s rained and has been cold every day this week. Brr!!

    LOVE your pictures of the mountains!

  2. You leave in a beautiful land.
    I love USA,I stay in Usa five time.
    Where is Rocky Mountan? I have visited california,nevada,utah,arizona and florida.
    The american’s people are fantastic.
    Bye from Italy

  3. As always MK I love your Rocky Mountain Wednesday posts. I do wish we could move back there.Colorado had so much to offer in natrual beauty.Something I really miss.Although Northern California is a majestic place.I LOVED Colorado 🙂

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