in and out

Goodies in the mail!  I’ve packaged up a bunch of the new Little House and Country Cottage Needleworks thread packs and shipped them right back out and I’ve also sent on this little Sarah T. pillow as a suprise.  I hope the person I’m sending it to likes it.

I’ve decided to make up this little scissor case from The Cat’s Whiskers – I love the colors.  I don’t own a single pair of Ginghers.  I’m too afraid of the scene I imgagine when I find one of the boys have used them to cut wires or something!  Actually they are getting much better about not touching things that aren’t theirs.  I guess when you hear something said to you every day of your life – it eventually sinks in.  Has anyone made this case or one of the previous ones?  Did you line it so that the scissors points don’t damage the linen when they are inside the case?  I was thinking about some fusible intefacing.

I will be adding all of these things to the Blog Projects Page at the webshop.


11 thoughts on “in and out

  1. Hello Mary Kathryn

    I’ve made this very one recently! I’ve not blogged it yet so no pics I’m afraid. I will try to put that right soon. There are 2 sides to the pattern so there is, in effect, already a stitched lining. I was a little disappointed that there isn’t really room for the nice leather safety tip that Gingher supply with their scissors s well as the scissors themselves, so I am just very careful when I place them inside their new home! The colours are nice and cheery though aren’t they? I plan to make it again with different thread as I bought a pair of Julia Ginghers for my pal Julia.

    Lovely Sarah T pillow, I’ve actually ordered that book from you recently 😉 Can’t wait til it arrives! Great customer service MK 🙂

  2. I’ve stitched the Red Desert Scissor pocket (and had it finished by a finisher – was a bit lazy that time) The Red desert pocket doesn’t have a stitched lining so my finisher did use interfacing when she did the finish. It does add strength and I love the finished piece.

  3. Love, love the little pillow finished, MaryKathryn! I only have one thought about the scissor case…the Bianca’s are very sharp..and I agree that the case/pocket should have enough space to include the leather tip protector. Otherwise, I think they would poke through and stick somebody!! :[

  4. Great finish! I received part of my order the other day … I was surprised to get one of the patterns so quickly with the other order I placed. Thanks for the great service 🙂

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