when the going gets tough… (part 1)

…the tough,

a. take a nap.
b. go to Starbucks.
c. eat chocolate.
d. go shopping.

This week I chose ‘d’.

Now shipping!! – a few of these have found their way into my stash basket!

along with these…

and then I went here…

and there was bliss….more on that in part 2.

I ordered some of the Weeks Pecan Wool for the Wool Needlbook and Fob, is it just me or is this fq completely peach and orange and ugly? I will need to get a different cut of this!

PS – I’ve done a bit of ‘c’ also. (All designs, scissors, and wool are available at the webshop)


14 thoughts on “when the going gets tough… (part 1)

  1. I’m an ‘a’ girl myself 🙂 And that wool does look a bit orange… pretty different than the chart pic. Maybe you could just change the floss colors to match the wool (?)

  2. good for you, it’s great to treat yourself and of course indulge in chocolate as well. LOL I love that Always and Forever and it is on my next shopping trip as well.

  3. I think an “e) all of the above” would save my week – Starbucks sounds perfect. But I’ve been doing much more c than I would have most know. 🙂

    How wonderful are those new designs?! I may have to have the “You Are My Sunshine” chart but that will have to wait for another order.

  4. I wish I could be in that town!! What beautiful scenery, not to mention that fabulous looking quilt shop. I think I would have opted for “B, C and D” 🙂

  5. My indulgence would be c,b,d, and then I would need an a ! I’ve never seen Little by Little designs before, but sure like them 🙂

  6. Love your stashing Mary Kathryn and I think I would have totally lost myself at the Quilt/Fabric Shop. Hmmm, maybe due to visit mine in town. The wool definitely looks off to me. And I have got to be honest, I’d have to go with “c”. It definitely was that kind of a weekend and it’s going to be that kind of a week.

  7. Glad a pair of Ginghers finally found their way into your stash! My indulgence is usually c, but d works also! Do you carry the Weeks wool? I didn’t see it on your website.

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