progress & presents

I’ve finished up my little Jane Eyre pillow.  Casey contacted me about my start on this, I was very honored!  Be sure to visit her site to see all her designs and download this one.  I do carry her designs at my webshop. Also, my blog has been getting lots of visits from Brontë Blog which is think is very fun! Welcome to you!!

I’ve been doing some model stitching, so that can’t be shown, but I’ve also put a few stitches into Home of a Needleworker (too!).  I plan to frame this one, I’ve gotten approval from Mr. Drywall to hang this by the front door ;0)

Marina, who is the mom of Tyler’s good friend sent home another of her handmade treats for me last week, peppermint marshmallow soap.  It smells unbelievable!  I’ve decided to knit up some dishcloths for Tyler to take on his next visit.  I love knitting these, I really love this color too.  Speaking of Tyler he has been out of town since last Saturday so Kellen has taken over his chores for a week.  With Tyler I’m just thankful that when he unloads the dishwasher nothing gets broken or falls out on my head when I open the cabinet.  Kellen has taken things to the next level.

I’ve made an amazing discovery – goat cheese!!!! I love this stuff. I don’t know why I never tried it. I’ll leave you with this photo of naked goat cheese and blueberry cake – scrumptious!


PS – bird streak continues.

14 thoughts on “progress & presents

  1. I knit that type of dishcloth too! That’s the pattern that my grandma used to teach me how to knit…aren’t they the best, that’s all we’ve ever used 🙂

    That soap sounds scrumptious!!!

  2. The pillow is awesome! Love that fiestaware and how cute that he put them in order – a kid after my own heart! I’ve never heard of a knitted dishcloth, but it is adorable! Your Home of the Needleworker is perfect and I’m happy to hear Mr. Drywall will allow it to be hung. Goat Cheese? Not so sure, but perhaps. The soap sounds amazing!

  3. The blueberry cake and goat cheess looks tasty! I’ve only had a soft coat cheese; the one picture looks like a hard cheese – is it?

    Just love the finishing on the Eyre pillow – your stitching/finished is so pretty! Love how you stage your pictures too 🙂

  4. Oh…my MaryKathryn…I got a load of that cake and cheese and had to stop and leave a comment…WOW…wish I could join you 🙂 Love the frame for HoaNwII….I finished my HoaNw yesterday and have sat and looked at it for about 24 hours… 🙂

  5. lovely post as always, MK!
    mmm I love goat cheese, too.
    beautiful little pillow and great progress on HoaN. I love that you put your fiesta ware in rainbow order in your shelf – I would totally do that!

  6. It’s great, Mary Kathryn. Just beautiful. And I’m a big fan of Fiesta Ware, too. The most unusual cheese I’ve ever eaten is yak cheese (at the Bar Mitzvah I attended a few weeks ago). It was actually very good. I have no idea where his mother found it.

  7. Your pillow turned out great! We have a battle for drywall at our house, too (c: Your blueberry cake looks delicious. The cheese looks a lot like Manchego – but that’s a goat’s milk cheese. If you ever get a chance, try some!

  8. I love your finishes! And I love your Fiesta ware! I have to say, between you and Monique, I have a newly awakened interest in my stitching — went shopping today and came home with all sorts of new stitching goodness! Thanks for such a great blog!

  9. Oh I love your little pillow. Good for your getting the blessing the hang your Home of a Needleworker by the front door – what a great idea!

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