So many good things to say about this weekend. Jerry and Tyler are home from Mexico where they were on a missions trip for a week (the event I was cooking for). Amber is home from Portland and came for dinner with her boyfriend. My school work is done and turned in.

Amber got me a few treats on her trip, these great scissors and a print that I can frame (notice the birds). Eric (the boyfriend) brought me flowers. Jerry made his wonderful breakfast-dinner tonight with eggs, sausage, biscuits & gravy, corned beef hash, and a fruit and cheese plate. Tyler’s friend Bryant joined us also.

I’ve completed two dishcloths, one for Marina and one for Amber and I’ve pulled out my Sense & Sensibilty, Elinor’s Sampler to work on .

Everything is really sweet on the surface but underneath I am deeply concerned for a special family friend who spent most of the weekend waiting for an emergency liver transplant and at the moment is in surgury receiving a new liver. It has been such a heartache for a family that I love and it just hovers below the surface of everything this weekend. Please pray for Laura and her family – thank you!


9 thoughts on “disquieted

  1. Not sure about the birds, but I did notice the scissors right away ! Lovely flowers and dinner sounds delicious. I will keep Laura and her family in my thoughts.

  2. love the scissors, flowers and teh dish cloths. What a hubby making dinner. sounds wonderful to have everyone there. Sending hugs and prayers to your friend and to you. hugs, karen

  3. Everything is so lovely! How nice that Amber’s boyfriend brought you flowers and Jerry made dinner. I’m sure it is a comfort to have everyone home again. I will continue to pray for Laura, her family, and for all of you who love and care for her and her family.

  4. You have such a special family! And I will keep your friend Laura and her family in my prayers.

    But OMG Mary Kathryn, love those scissors and the piece you’re stitching on! Enabled again !

  5. My heart goes out to Laura and her family. I love the dishcloths, I may have to try my hand at some. The swan looks so pretty with those flowers!

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