rites of spring

I really love this new release from Blackbird Designs – Loose Feathers #30, Rites of Spring. Kits will be going out shortly.

I started on bean-bagging up the wonderful squares I’ve received in the Fair & Square exchange so far. These are from Kim, Danica, and Daniela. I’m filling them with lentils and planning to add tassels. These will be handy weights for projects and papers and I plan to keep them all in a pretty basket on my work table. I’m using a layer of batting between the linen and the lentils which is sewn in place when I layer the front and back (top to bottom layers – front, back {right sides together} batting, batting).

It is starting to look like spring out my window even though we had snow yesterday. I’m going to have to cut this branch back I think but I’ll wait until it is done blooming.

Thank you for your prayers for Laura, you can read about her progress here.

9 thoughts on “rites of spring

  1. love the new design. what is the backing you are using in the one piece you have pinned? I am not a sewer but curious what it is? hugs, karen

  2. What a clever idea with the lentils! And you attach the tassels after you’ve sewn the cushion completely together? How do you hide the thread ends? I’ve always wondered how you get your tassels on so nicely.

  3. What a pretty new chart. I have found myself being drawn in by those “Loose Feathers” as of late and this one is no exception. Perhaps a new collection o’ stash to stitch is in my future? I love the idea of using the squares as weights too.

  4. I love what you are doing with your F&S squares Mary Kathryn.

    Rites of Spring is so pretty. I love the colours it uses.

    I hope Laura continues to do well with her new liver. I think being an organ donor is so important so I carry a card and I’m on the UK donor register.

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