couldn’t resist

I just love the colors and fabric for this new Loose Feathers Design from Blackbird Designs – Rites of Spring. I couldn’t resist starting it today even though I have so many other projects going at the moment. This little bird was out my window most of the day, I have a small dish of bird seed just out of the picture that he was enjoying.

Fabrics are shipping from the recent fabric sale at the shop – thank you for helping me make room for more goodies. It was good to reduce some inventory. Speaking of other goodies, I’ve added some new designs by PrimitiveBetty’s you can see here, and for even more new things, please join me at the Online Needlework Show starting Wednesday evening – I would be happy to help you shop the show, contact me about ordering.


9 thoughts on “couldn’t resist

  1. Oh my gosh, you’ve made quite an impressive start on this! When I first saw mine, I thought immediately of what a great birth or wedding sampler it would make.

  2. Great shot of the red headed finch. You’ve got a wonderful start on the BBD piece. Very pretty. I really love primitivebetty’s designs. What a great addition they’ll make to your shop. Looking forward to the online show and making my list. Good to know you are on the buyer list Mary Kathryn.

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