Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

Looking at these pictures you probably will think it couldn’t have been 70 and sunny yesterday, but it was! More snow predicted for tomorrow, brrr! Today definitely called for a Vanilla Latte from the Starbucks drive-thru!

The Online Needlwork Show is now open! Be sure to see the new designs from Carriage House Samplings and My Mark Designs. The Thread Hoops at Kelmscott look great and I love the new scissors over at Dinky Dyes, I’ve only had time for a quick browse. I am a registered buyer at the show if you would like to shop the show with me!


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Hi MaryKathryn,
    Looks like you drove through a blizzard to get those pictures!! The mountains are so pretty – thanks for sharing these pictures each week!

    I’ve just spent all morning browsing through the vendors – I see lots of stuff I would love to add to my stash pile! I’ve made a list and you may hear from me later today! I’ve got to think about the items I want first….. 🙂

  2. Mary Kathryn, I LOVE the snow pictures. I wish I were there for a visit, instead of the 80s and sunny here. (I’d much rather be in the snow!!) I’ve been visiting the online needlework show and making my list 🙂 I’ll be getting in touch with you soon!
    Hugs, Joanne

  3. Snow??? Wow – I clearly don’t know my weather stats for your part of the country. It’s nearly May!!! Anyhoo, it’s in the 80s here today and I just came in from planting an azalea and I’m sweating – your pictures cool me off a bit. LOL


  4. LOL! Where did your spring go? Yeah, we’ve been following the Wasatch weather and it’s snowed there pretty much every day this month, too.

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