nell’s flower garden

I was excited to find a charm pack from Blackbird Designs – Nell’s Flower Garden at the Quilt Shop gathering I went to on Friday. Joanne sent me some Nell’s FQs a while ago and I’ve been on the lookout for more of this pretty fabric to make a little table runner. Maybe I’ll get that together this week!

I stuck my head out the back door a bit a go and took this night time photo of my trees that are just about to burst with flowers, I love how these smell and the sound of buzzing bees that visit my trees in the spring.

I baked up a some lemon sugar bars this evening, these are yummy with tea and I was in a baking mood. Jerry cooked a pork roast on the grill for dinner so I made dessert. The roast was yummy!

The Online Show ends tomorrow. There are some Quaker designs that have also caught my eye at Ink Circles, Stickideen von der Wiehenburg, and some at the SzuLet Creations website that you can link to from the Online Show SzuLet Creations page (then click on Barbara Ana and see pages 2 & 3). It’s not too late to email me with orders from the show. I need to place my final orders with Vendors Monday, April 21 in the afternoon.

5 thoughts on “nell’s flower garden

  1. Gorgeous fabric…
    If you have a little time, check my blog: It just shows that miracles happen with the post… (related to an order I placed at your shop quite some time ago… Lol!).
    Take care!

  2. The fabrics are so warm and wonderful – I just love them all! The tree looks so wonderful – don’t ya just love spring? Your dessert sounds and looks deeelish!

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