busy bee

Although I’ve not shared any sewing, knitting, or stitching for a bit, I’m a very busy bee. The projects I’m working on are all undercover – model stitching, Fair & Sqaure exchanges, PIFs, and more kitty pillows, so I’ll share these pictures of the tree just outside my window instead. There are so many happy bees that you can hear a quiet buzz!

I hope to have some stashy pictures in a bit when Online Show orders start arriving!


PS –

I just sent Tyler out to get the mail and he came running back in breathless to tell me there was a ‘Big Bird’ on the neighbor’s house! We had to take a picture. I think my 16 year old needs to work on his bird identification skills!

15 thoughts on “busy bee

  1. Gorgeous pictures, Mary Kathryn. Too funny about the big bird. LOL Ben is terrified of bees and runs in the house like a mad man when he spots one.


  2. Mary Kathryn I always check your blog for the fantastic pictures…….well for all the other good stuff too. Holey Moley if I saw a Great Blue Heron on the roof I’d be running for the camera too! I’ll have to send you the pic I took of American Goldfinch in our crabapple tree, which is in full bloom, a bit ago.

  3. Mary Kathryn, your pictures are breathtaking! I love the heron on the roof top and the roads through the canyons are wonderful, too. On the east coast we don’t have such scenery – although there are many breathtaking areas here too.

    I have a Janome but it is an old one. I think it is a MemoryCraft 7000. I haven’t used it a lot since I got it. My sewing time has greatly diminished and I much prefer to do counted work rather than stitch with the machine. But, I do like the Janome and don’t think you will go wrong with one if that is what you choose.

    Congrats on your 2 year blogiversary!

  4. Happy Birthday Kathryn for your blog. How time flies eh?

    Hope that you manage to get a new machine, it’s amazing some of the shoddy customer service that some places give. I really hope you manage to find a new one.

  5. LOL! I’m stitching a Blackbird design with a heron on it (beneath the sunlit sky) that I have received recently from your e-shop! Call that a coincidence… Lol!
    Have a nice week end!

  6. Mary Kathryn,
    Your photos are really beautiful. I love white flowers, there is something very serene about them.
    What an amazing sighting – a blue heron. My husband would be in seventh heaven to see such a thing in our garden..it would have probably escaped from a bird sanctuary…haha

    Happy birthday to your blog. Time really does fly, doesn’t it!
    Hugs, Angela

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