may day

Yes! Those are flower petals with snow on my back porch!

This is a Stellar’s Jay. I’ve watched these birds fly down and steal food from picnic tables, while people are sitting there eating!

This is a Country Cottage Needleworks Design and can be found in the August 2006 Just Cross Stitch Magazine. The fabric shown is on the back of this pillow.

A few Online Needlework Show treats!

Happy May Day to you!


9 thoughts on “may day

  1. Oh no! We were swimming in our pool the other day. I can not imagine snow right now. Must be nice, I grew up with snow and miss it.

    Your country cottage design is really nice, I like it a lot. 🙂

  2. Snow? Have you been stitching too fast, Mary Kathryn, that you’re seeing things? I can’t have snowed! Wow – although it does cool me off as it’s approaching 80 today here.


  3. Very very cute blog… I had to laugh at the Big Bird…
    I was born in Colorado, so this blog brought me a smile, Thank you!
    I would like to invite you and your stitching friends to join my stitchers lottery… if you follow the keeping track link on my blogspot you will find the info. Signups are through May 15th…
    Happy Stitching!

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