a bit of stress

It has been a crazy few days here. Ethan ran a 103 temp for 2 days with strep throat, he is definitely on the mend now, but Jerry and I shared a couple of sleepless nights up with our little guy. I did finish my final exam on time in the midst of this. Friends from out of town surprised us with a visit, and my website crashed. I think that covers it.

My server is working on the problem (something is wrong at their end) in the mean time I’m shopping for a new server. Please contact me at petermkp@gmail.com if you need anything.

Some stress relief – stitching & sewing, and a little book shopping in Boulder. First of all I’m making a frog pillow for my mom (mother’s day gift). She doesn’t read this so I’m safe sharing. This is an image I printed onto the fabric with my ink-jet printer. I ironed the fabric to freezer paper and then ran it through the printer. She collects froggie things so I though I would make her an little elegant frog pillow.

Second, a bit of stitching! I actually sat down and stitched for about 2 hours this weekend, it has been ages it seems since I’ve even had time. Cottage Garden (from Country Cottage Needleworks & Crescent Colours) is pictured on a table cloth I’m making with some April Cornell fabric. Some other sewing has been going on for a certain designer – more on that in a week or so after she gets to see her new pillows. These little Prairie Schooler birds were the squares I sent Vicki last month in the Fair & Square exchange, and here is the book I picked up while Jerry and I were out browsing at bookshops today. A little cocoa and animal crackers and I should be completely de-stressed!


7 thoughts on “a bit of stress

  1. Aha… I bet I can guess which designer! Love those colors you are using for her. I’ve been afraid to try the freezer paper printing… has it ever jammed on you?? Poor Ethan, glad he’s doing better and poor you for your server issues. Stinks when you are trying to run an online business!

  2. I hope Ethan is well on he mend now and keeping youon your toes.
    Sorry to read about your server problems that must be such a hassle.
    Best wishes to all of your family

  3. Hi Mary Kathryn, something weird is happening to my comments! I left one for you but it’s not here. 😦 Anyway, so sorry you’ve been under stress but you are demonstrating amazing resillience and grace. Your projects are fun as always and I am especially interested in your new book!


  4. LOVE that froggy Mary Kathryn – very cute. As per usual your stitching and fabric choices are absolutely perfect. I haven’t read any Bronte, so I am really interested to hear what you think of Villette. I sure hope your little guy is all better – poor guy (poor parents too, it is mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting when our kiddos are sick). Hopefully your website will be up and running again very soon (how stressful for you).

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