I’ve got my mom’s pillow ready to mail, I hope the mailman gets it there by Saturday – I’m really bad about getting family gifts out on time – so I feel like I’ve almost done a good job this year, we’ll see when it arrives.

A few more Online Needlework Show designs to share. I think these will stitch up quickly. I think I might stitch one or two. I will be adding these to the webshop.

Kellen’s big accomplishment – he earned his Timothy Award at AWANA. This represents LOTS of work. You can read more about it here, good job Kellen!!


9 thoughts on “accomplished

  1. Congrats to Kellen!! 286 verses??? I don’t think I’ve memorized that in my whole life!

    The froggy pillow is darling…I’m sure your mom will love it!

  2. Woo Hoo Kellen!!! Sending many cheers and congrats to you; quite the accomplishment to be proud of for sure!!!

    Your mom is just going to adore that pillow. The frog is precious and the fabric is the perfect compliment.

    Those new charts are rather intimidating to a rookie like myself, but I would bet that you will do amazing things with them.

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